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Public Safety/Crime

To have a truly prosperous community, we must also ensure District 5 is a safe community and environmental friendly. In many cases crime deduction depends on the relationship between the police, citizens, and businesses in District 5.

I am particularly concerned about protection for the citizens of Dallas and Pleasant Grove, District 5. No one wants to live in a city of community with high crime rates or threats to our community.

Together we can combat crime in our community by strengthening our relationships and educating our neighbors, police and businesses located in District 5 and our neighboring council districts. Part of that is having goals and creating a plan that will benefit all parties involved. It also means holding everyone accountable. This approach requires a strategic plan and vision rather than piecemeal decision making. If this is done right then our community, children and future generations will have both safer and prosperous community.

Quality of Life

Quality of life and education issues are both issues that need to be addressed. A plan of action is needed for District 5. Proactive engagement and citizen input must be part of the plan.

It’s imperative that the City of Dallas provide assistance to all the citizens and Pleasant Grove, District 5 Community who need. Yolanda “Faye” will work to bring professional services (medical, social, etc.) Adiquate funding and quality education will help increase the quality of life for all the citizens of Dallas and District 5.

In order to tackle the quality of life issues plaguing District 5, we must provide the tools from community development which can be used to monitor the key indicators. These indicators encompass the social, health, environmental and economic dimensions of the quality of life in district 5 community.

Quality of Life is the product of the interplay among social, health, economic and environmental conditions which affect human and social development.

Economic Development

Economic development depends on environmental conservation, crime rate, education and incentives offer to the developers. I am particularly concerned about the lack of economic development and equality for our community.

We are witnessing sustainable development in other parts of the city. In order to move District 5 forward, we must re-imagine District 5, Pleasant Grove as a thriving prosperous community with low crime rates, quality of life issues addressed and sticking to those goals by finding development partners who respect the and invest back into our community.

This complementary approach requires strong leadership, pro-active leaders and the ability to build stronger relationship with those involved. I am a leader who has a vision and a plan in place rather than piecemeal decision making.

Job Creation

City Council’s role is to create and maintain a level playing field so that all citizens can have the access and opportunity to obtain gainful employment and to support both small and large businesses so that they can grow and create jobs.

District 5 deserves better. Dallas has the highest child poverty rate among big cities. Less than forty percent of the adult working population holds an associate degree or higher. Investing in people to prepare them for a knowledge-based economy is the lynchpin of our future prosperity.

At the same time, we must invest in people; we need to invest in both rural and urban development to connect individuals to the resources they need to succeed in the ever-changing 21st century economy.


In order for the City of Dallas and District 5 to become a vibrant city and community, homelessness needs to be address. In order for the City of Dallas to combat homelessness they need to establish a system of leadership, accountability and funding. The City of Dallas will need to partner with Dallas County to establish a community-wide collaborative, system to address the issues of homelessness. The collaborative system should include the community, leaders and accountability for all participating organizations. Funding from the federal, state, local and private sources are needed.

A homelessness task for is needed. The task force will consist of citizens from the community, business owners, students and who reside in District 5. The citizens on the task force will assist with educational resources, mentoring and tutoring for both the adults and homeless people impacted.