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See how Yolanda Faye has already made great impacts in District 5 and the Pleasant Grove community.


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Since Yolanda Faye was appointed to the park and recreation board, she has worked tirelessly to improve the parks and recreation for us in District 5. 


Check the record, the proof is all around us. Yolanda Faye advocated for the following and got the job done.

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Early Impacts Quality of Life

  • Pleasant Grove Food Pantry (can food drive)

  • Founder Pleasant Grove senior citizens turkey and can goods drive (benefiting senior citizens from park and recreation)

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Secured Partnerships

  • Secured funding and partnerships with Texas Rangers and Scotts Refurbished for new baseball field (Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center)

  • Strengthen partnerships with Dallas PALS and Park and Recreation Center (secured additional funding for Battle in Big D, Boxing program at Janie C. Turner Recreation Center)

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New Playgrounds & Equipment for Parks in District 5

  • Urbandale Park (new playground equipment)

  • Guard Park 5-acres (new park and secured additional $600,000.00 bond funds 2017-phase 2)

  • Bitter Creek Park (creek stabilization and new playground equipment)

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Crawford Memorial Park

  • The Cove at Crawford (new aquatic center)

  • Crawford Park (new drinking fountains)

  • Signature Lake at Crawford Park (secured $7,000.000 in bond funds in 2017)

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Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center

  • Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center (secured funding for renovation and re-opened)

  • Grant funds for park lighting

  • Secured funding for Public Artwork

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New Football Fields

  • Cheyenne Park

  • Crawford Memorial Park

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2017 Bond Funding

  • Devon Anderson Park- playground equipment

  • Guard Dr.- Phase 2 Site Development

  • Bitter Creek Park- Creek bank stabilization

  • Bisbee Park-Parking lot, cleaning/grubbing, and signage

  • Land Acquisition for Football Complex (to Supplement System-Wide Land Acquisition funds)

  • Holcomb Park- 6’ wide walking loop trail, park furnishing, drinking fountain, and facility enclosure

  • Pleasant Oak Park- Connecting walkways and security lighting.

  • Glover Park- Parking lot with lighting, land acquisition

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New Parking Lot

  • Janie C. Turner Recreation Center

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Annual It’s My Park Day

  • Participated in City of Dallas Park and Recreation annual It’s My Park Day

  • Yolanda Faye had the most volunteers and we received awards at the annual volunteer banquet

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City of Dallas Park & Recreation Logo

  • Yolanda Faye served as the Marketing Chair for the City of Dallas Park & Recreation Board (advocated and under her leadership the park department now has a logo)


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