About Yolanda 

Yolanda “Faye” Williams is a native of Dallas, Texas and a Pleasant Grove resident for over 45 years. Yolanda is a candidate seeking to bring renewed energy and revitalization to District 5. Yolanda is family oriented, value centered and very passionate for making change for all people in our community.


With years of hard work and community service under her, Yolanda “Faye” Williams has served on the City of Dallas, Park and Recreation Board since 2014. She also represented City Council District 5, serving constituents in her community. 


Inspired by her grandmother, father and sister, Yolanda is hardworking, dedicated and a loyal Pleasant Grove resident who loves her community and has committed her life to public service.  Yolanda is running for City Council in District 5 to: 

  • Provide safer communities and businesses for all the residents (crime reduction)

  • Support and continue to improve the quality of life 

  • Stand for the values of all residents and neighborhoods

  • Invest in our community’s future 

  • Equal education and opportunities for our youth


Yolanda received her undergraduate degree from University of North Texas and her Master’s in Marketing from Texas A&M Commerce. 


Yolanda knows this election is about the future of our neighborhood. She has the vision to re-imagine District 5 and plans to keep our neighborhood moving forward. Yolanda “Faye” Williams embodies the bold, energetic, vibrant leadership that is the signature of our community. 


Yolanda “Faye” has been a strong reliable advocate, effective leader for all of the constituents in district 5. Yolanda “Faye” is asking for your support and vote so, she can continue to advocate for us in district 5.

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